What to pay attention to when doing PCB circuit board

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With the rapid development of the times, many small partners may not know that the PCB production and processing process is changeable. We can choose different process requirements according to different requirements. So how to choose in the PCB production process?
PCB circuit board production and processing
It is well known that there are a variety of FR4 fiberglass materials on the PCB (copper coating on the substrate) with different fire rating and mechanical strength. So we can choose different processes in the surface treatment of circuit board manufacturing, such as tin spray, gold precipitation and antioxidant (OSP). There are also resistance welding and silk screen, we can choose a variety of colors, green, red, blue, white, etc.! Green oil is usually used.
PCB circuit board production and processing
In addition to technical choices, we also need to pay attention to some common problems in the production and processing of PCB boards. We can divide it into two parts.
First, the PCB board engineer docking instructions are as follows:
1. Carefully select the number of PCB proofs to effectively control costs. (The number of routine proofs is 5-10)
2. Specially confirm the packaging of electronic components to avoid PCB proof failure due to packaging errors.
3. Conduct a comprehensive electrical inspection to improve the electrical performance of the PCB.
4. Do a good job of signal integrity layout, reduce noise and improve PCB stability.
2. PCB proofing manufacturer docking matters are as follows:
1. Carefully check the PCB file to avoid data problems.
2. Fully process approval and process configuration with your own manufacturer.
3. Control production quantity, reduce costs, and maintain quality.
4. Communicate with the proofing customer to prevent accidents in advance.

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