Introduction to the R&D team

There are 20 R&D teams, 6 core R&D staff, 10 R&D personnel, and 4 R&D staff.

Shi Hongbing (Dr. Shanghai Jiaotong University): Head of R&D Team
20+ experience, more than 200 R&D team management experience,

Yan Changlin (Master of Science in Beijing): Head of Software Engineering
Familiar with PLCC/SCM, 15++ R&D experience;

Yu Binbin (Shanghai Jiaotong University): Head of Hardware Engineering and Senior Engineer of Hardware and Electrical
Device Reliability Engineer;

Hardware/Software/Human Machine Interface/Test/Mechanical Components/Packaging based on PLCC/Microcontroller/X86 System/Androld System.
Industrial Control/Industrial Automation/Smart Home/Health Care/Communication/Consumer Electronics.
R&D Experience:
The team has been working with 5+ years and 50+ projects per year, and can support 5-10 projects at the same time.
The company is now establishing a long-term two-way exchange mechanism for industry, university and research with Shanghai Jiaotong University and Shanghai University. It is in automation control, mechatronics, industrial Internet application, production database management. And technical fields such as applications have long-term advantages and complementary cooperation.

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